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Quality Answering Service & Call Center Company Designed for Small Businesses

A small business answering service should measure up to the same high standards you’ve set for your own business.
Small Business
Centracomm has been offering small business answering services since 1994. No matter how large or small your business may be, CentraComm will provide you with the professional image and the tools you’ll need to keep your business looking and sounding large and professional. More business more often is what you want, and this is what we’ll help you achieve! We understand that image is everything. If you are currently using an answering machine or voice mail for your business telephones, you are missing opportunities with every missed call you experience. How many times have you lost money due to playing
“phone tag”?
Small Business

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The Basics

  • Calls answered by a professional and courteous receptionist in your company name.
  • 24 hour answering service provides the image of a full time 24/7 office staff resulting in you acquiring new business.
  • Customized call routing and scripting based upon your own business requirements.
  • Routing calls the way you want and to the right staff member.
  • Ability to dispatch messages to any cell phone or email address.
  • Enabling you to react to situations and opportunities immediately.
  • Ability to patch callers directly to any phone.
  • Ability to take routine messages and forward them via fax, email or CSV files directly to the office.
  • Allows you to manage your time and be more productive and profitable.
  • Ability to interface with web-based scheduling applications.
Prompt and accurate communications are vital to all small businesses. Studies indicate customers choose one small business over another not for quality alone, but because of the experiences their friends and family experience between one business and another. Good word of mouth is critical. In most cases, our business answering service takes calls for more than triple the number of hours the office does during a full week. Once your office phone is forwarded, it is the responsibility of the answering service staff to act in your best interests, ensuring your existing customers, potential new customers and your employees are receiving world-class service. Don’t lose another hang up. Take advantage of our custom call center solutions today.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

The courteous staff at Centracomm play a proactive role in fulfilling the expectations of our medical practice’s “On Call” protocol. Centracomm’s entire staff are trained to monitor the “On Call” needs of a medical practice to assure the correct physician is always “On Call”. Their attentiveness to detail is an invaluable attribute.
TWilliam J. Mountford, Jr.
Practice Administrator