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We have used Centracomm for several years and have found them to be a very reliable company. As a medical equipment company our clients need to know that we can be reached 24 hours a day. With Centracomm we receive our messages allowing us to respond to our clients all within a short time frame.
Tommy Faircloth, Owner
Professional Care Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment

Centracomm has handled our after hours phone service for over 10 years. Quality and customer satisfaction are critical factors that the care Hospice of Wake County provides to patients and families. Centracomm provides responsive, courteous and efficient after hour phone coverage. The team at Centracomm works hand-in-hand with our on call professionals and provides excellent service.
Betty P. Sawyer, RS, BSN
Performance Improvement
Hospice of Wake County

The employees of Centracomm are highly professional and competent having shown themselves highly flexible in adjusting to the diverse work styles of the individual physicians in each call group.

Dr. Richard D. Serano
Highland Neurology Chief of Staff
Cape Fear Valley Health Services

The courteous staff at Centracomm play a proactive role in fulfilling the expectations of our medical practice’s “On Call” protocol. Centracomm’s entire staff are trained to monitor the “On Call” needs of a medical practice to assure the correct physician is always “On Call”. Their attentiveness to detail is an invaluable attribute.
TWilliam J. Mountford, Jr.
Practice Administrator

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