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Employee calling to report absences from work are an ordeal all around. It can make employees nervous and it can make employers suspicious, and can lead to disputes down the line regarding the number of absences and whether or not an appropriate call was made to report an expected absence. Putting an effective internal system in place can be difficult and fraught with interpersonal issues, especially in smaller businesses, wasting valuable resources on a relatively simple issue.

Absentee reporting services from an inbound call center provide a straightforward solution to all problems associated with absentee reporting. Off-site, professional, ’round-the-clock receptionists will record all pertinent information and make sure it is securely communicated in a manner of your choosing, keeping you informed and your employees confident that reports are being received.

Build Trust and Reduce Absenteeism

Trust works both ways in any business-employee relationship, and absentee reporting from a trusted answering service can help strengthen that trust significantly. Having a traceable, well-managed, and accurate absentee reporting system in place greatly reduces abusive absences by employees and ensures that there is an accurate record of reported absences, giving employees greater confidence that their calls will be noted and their absence will not be deemed unexcused due to lack of notice. When everyone involved develops more trust around the absenteeism issue, greater trust will be established in other areas, as well.

Reducing absenteeism also leads to direct increases in productivity, and growing trust between employees and managers is also positive not just for your work environment, but for your bottom line. When everyone trusts each other, and when things like absences and call-ins are transparent and well-documented, your team will be able to focus on the real work issues and set the human resources drama aside.

Absentee Reporting Service Will Increase Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

For large corporations especially, tracking work absences can become a major time drain for managers and other team members. Making sure information is recorded in a centralized and useful manner that can be accessed and analysed as needed, and even ensuring that day-to-day tasks will be completed despite certain staff members not being present, can quickly become a complex problem that takes hours to solve. An answering service providing a reliable absentee reporting system automatically centralizes all reports, and can notify relevant managers and supervisors immediately if key staff will not be coming in to work. Accurate record-keeping allows for easy analysis whenever convenient.

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Call Off Lines For Business

Work absences happen, and they’re never especially welcome. The disruption they cause can be greatly minimized by installing a transparent and reliable absentee reporting system, however, and using an existing inbound call center’s service is often the most cost-effective way to get this done. Why waste even more of your man-hours dealing with people calling in sick—you’re already down a team member; there’s no point exacerbating the problem. Go off-site, and go efficient.