Answering Service For Real Estate

Tips for Selling More Homes With a Real Estate Answering Service

A missed call doesn’t just mean the possibility of a missed sale, which is bad enough as it is. It also means potentially missing out on all of the referral business a new client or a closed sale could have led to. When you’re in real estate, your phone needs to be answered by a real person every time someone calls, any time of day (and even at night!), or you’re taking yourself out of the game.

A real estate answering service can help make sure you’re always playing, without constant interruptions and without paying an arm and a leg. If you want to stay more connected and sell more homes, while giving your current clients and sales prospects the uninterrupted attention and guidance they need, consider partnering with a professional inbound call center and get the best of both worlds. Here are a few tips on how to use an answering service to help your real estate business thrive.

Up-to-Date Call Information From Your Call Center Helps Sell Homes

Inbound Call Support For RealtorsBesides avoiding the likelihood of a hang-up and the certainty of frustration when a client or potential client reaches your voice-mail, it also means you’re potentially out of the loop on time-sensitive information until you get around to checking your messages. An answering service will answer with you or your agency’s personalized greeting, giving your callers the confidence they need to pass along important information.

You can be contacted immediately when necessary—as determined by your instructions—while having quick and easy access to information from all of your non-urgent incoming calls without needing to spend long minutes wading through voice-mail fluff. Whenever a deal is ready, a seller shifts, or a buyer ups their bid, you can be on top of it in seconds without the need to obsessively check your phone for missed calls.

Prompt, Professional Phone Answering Means Repeat Real Estate Business

Nothing beats having your phone answered by a professional voice with a personalized greeting, every single time your number is dialed. This is the kind of customer service that clients remember, and that will keep them coming back and referring their friends. When they truly need to get a hold of you, their calls can be easily forwarded without any hassle, and for more routine calls or times when you are truly unavailable they’ll be able to leave a message with an intelligent, breathing human being, not a flat-toned automated voice-mail system. You know your business needs the essentials such as postage meters, copiers, and computers, and your answering service is equally important.

Answer Calls Back Without Interruption

Answering services are also a great way to get up-to-date information out to clients without the need to repeat the same details on a dozen calls. Showing instructions, open house hours, and more can be provided with a smile by your team of virtual receptionists. This leaves you free to focus on closing deals, putting the next great listing on the market, and celebrating the success of your agency.


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