Answering Services for Advertising Response

Using Answering Services for Direct Response Advertising Support

Advertising Response Call Center

You’ll never know how great your ad campaign is unless you’re tracking the results, and you’ll never be able to keep up with demand following successful advertising efforts if you spend all your time processing orders. You need an efficient way of completing sales in the wake of new advertising, and a way to measure the effectiveness of the advertising itself, all without taking your time and other resources away from the business of making or finding great products for your customers.

The right answering service is the perfect solution to your dilemma.

An offsite answering service or inbound call center combines the best of all worlds, giving your customers prompt and personal service while saving you money and providing real-time actionable data in the process.

Making the Sale: Answering Service Order Processing and More

Ringing PhoneCompanies large and small can benefit from the efficiency and economy of scale that an answering service can provide when it comes to completing the time-intensive yet necessary task of order processing. As ads run calls will flood in with consumers shopping and comparing prices and the sudden of call volume surge can be difficult to handle in house. With a full team of live agents manning the phone lines 24/7, every call is answered quickly and courteously, meaning you’ll never lose a sale due to hold times or frustrating automated selection systems. Yet because you’ll only be paying for the time spent actively on your calls, you can provide your customers this stellar customer service at a fraction of the cost of a full-time in-house order processing team.

Our order processing skills themselves are also a step above the rest, with full product database capabilities and custom scripts that can help sell additional products and services to interested customers. Customer information will be retained for use in your company’s further marketing efforts, and caller ID software will help our virtual receptionists pull up information from repeat customers quickly, saving time and providing a huge advantage in terms of customer loyalty. It doesn’t matter if your a small business in Chicago or a nation-wide change we have the resources to handle your job.

When an order has been completed, the transaction information can be sent to you or processed directly with your distributors at your discretion—you can remove yourself completely from order processing tasks to focus on new products and new marketing initiatives. All pertinent order and customer-related data, including the date and time of each order, geographical location and other demographic information of the caller, and similar details can be compiled for later analysis, allowing you to track customer behavior and ad performance in order to tailor future advertising efforts with increasing efficacy and profitability.

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It’s never too late to start saving money, or to start gathering information that can help improve your profitability. Whether your ad campaign is in the planning stages or about to roll out, wouldn’t you like the process to be as smooth, efficient, and effective as possible? The right answering service can make that a reality, and everyone from your customers to your staff to your shareholders will benefit.