Business Literature Request Solutions

Customer Support and Literature Request Services

Literature Request Answering Services You want to get the word out about your business, but you don’t want to spend all of your time working with a phone under your ear. Customers and clients calling to learn more about what you can offer are a great thing—essential to your business, in fact—but that doesn’t mean their phone calls are always a welcome intrusion on the business of running your businesses.

An answering service that can handle literature requests is a big part of the perfect solution to your information dissemination problem. You don’t need to endure the expense of a full-time staff of receptionists, try to answer every call and every question yourself, or even worse let customer after customer get lost in an automated phone system or be stick with nothing but a voicemail. Instead, you can make sure your customers and other callers get the information they’re after without inordinate expense.

Literature Delivery and Customer Tracking

When your customers call with questions, we can provide the answers they need—a pleasant response from a knowledgeable, live receptionist can give customers basic details about your business like hours of operation, directions, and general product and service offerings; answers to more detailed or extensive questions can be provided by directing your customers to relevant pages on your website, emailing informational guides, or mailing out printed brochures and pamphlets. Provide your customers with the options that will best serve them and your business, and we’ll make sure they get the information they want in the form they choose.

We don’t just help your customers learn about your business, though. We also help you learn more about your customers through our data tracking services. From basic contact information your customers give us—which we can prompt or not at your choosing—to the type of information we send to them, you’ll have everything you need to follow through effectively with every customer contact and literature request we handle on your behalf.

You’ll also want to know how frequently customers are calling, the type of questions they’re asking, and how effective the literature being sent out is when it comes to sales. We can collect and even help you analyze this data, too, allowing your literature provision to be more than just a way to educate people about your business; it can be a way to help your business grow in a targeted, efficient, and effective manner.

Request Pricing and Information

Answer Every Request in Real Time

Our literature request solution gives your business the constant connectivity most customers crave. When they want answers, they’ll get them, without needing to wait for a return phone call or a request to be processed. You want your customers to know the value of what you do, and you want to better assess the value you derive from each customer. Our literature request solution specialists can help you with it all.