Spanish Speaking Call Center Solutions

A Bilingual Answering Service Can Work for You

The majority of people living in the US can speak English well enough to conduct business, but there’s a sizable minority that prefers dealing in other languages, especially Spanish. If your business isn’t able to speak your customers’ language—literally—you’re missing out on revenue today and long-term repeat business for years to come. You need a phone staff capable of handling calls in more than just English if you want to stay competitive and at the top of your industry.

Of course, the expense of finding and hiring multilingual staff can be an unwanted drain on resources. Even if you already have someone who is bilingual or multilingual answering your phones, you probably don’t have 24/7 coverage for non-English callers, and even reading those words might give you a preemptive case of sticker shock. Multilingual receptionist services don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, though—there’s another way.

Inbound Call Answering in Multiple Languages Means Multiplied Business Opportunities

Multilingual Answering Service

That other way is an answering service with multilingual receptionists ready to serve your customers all day, every day (and night, too!). With a full team of multilingual inbound call specialists on staff at all times, all of your customers will be greeted promptly and with a friendly, understandable voice. When communication is easier, customers feel more at ease, and that makes them more willing to spend money with your business.

It also makes them far more likely to turn into loyal customers, and to refer their family members and friends who have a language preference other than English. One properly handled multilingual call truly can open up an entire community of potential customers that would otherwise have remained untapped, allowing your customer base, your revenue, and your profitability to grow at fantastic rates. And all it takes to achieve these benefits is to partner with the right multilingual answering service—a low-cost, no-risk option that will enhance your customer service offerings to all of your customers while allowing opening a whole new customer base that would otherwise remain untapped.

Multilingual Business is Calling Now—Are You Ready to Answer?

Businesses are already learning that being a modern business means being a multilingual business. The longer you wait to reach out to customers with a language preference other than English, the more of an opportunity your competitors have to lock those customers—and all of their referral business—in for years. The time to act is now, so you can be the one securing a whole new community of customers while your competitors stick to outdated models and inbound call answering efforts.

We can have you all set up and ready to go with our multilingual answering specialists faster than you’d think, and you’ll start seeing the benefits sooner than you might believe. Give us a call today and see just how good we are at what we do, and how we can put it to work for you.


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