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Spanish Speaking Call Center Solutions

A Bilingual Answering Service Can Work for You The majority of people living in the US can speak English well enough to conduct business, but there’s a sizable minority that prefers dealing in other languages, especially Spanish. If your business isn’t able to speak your customers’ language—literally—you’re missing out on revenue today and long-term repeat business […]

Inbound Call Support For Insurance Agencies

Inbound Call Support for Insurance Agencies Insurance is a high-stakes business; every customer and every call is important, and could make or lose a significant sum. You don’t want to trust inbound calls to an automated voice-mail system, because you know how important it is to your clients that they’re able speak with a real […]

Answering Service For Real Estate

Tips for Selling More Homes With a Real Estate Answering Service A missed call doesn’t just mean the possibility of a missed sale, which is bad enough as it is. It also means potentially missing out on all of the referral business a new client or a closed sale could have led to. When you’re […]

Advertising Service For Dentists – Customer Service Solutions

24/7 Customer Support For Dental Offices From setting appointments to middle of the night emergencies to new client intake processing, the amount of time the typical dental practice needs to spend on the phone is substantial. These phone calls are an important part not only of your clients’ customer service experience but are also essential […]